If you’re a fan of the popular book and movie “American Psycho,” then you know that Patrick Bateman headphones is all about style. And these headphones are the perfect way to channel his signature look.

Whether you’re using them for work or for play, these Patrick Bateman headphones are sure to make a statement. So if you’re looking for a unique and stylish pair of headphones, don’t hesitate – grab a pair of these headphones form online stores like Amazon, eBay at discounted prices!

Patrick Bateman headphones

Why Patrick bateman headphones are popular

There are several reasons why Patrick Bateman headphones have become so popular. First, they are stylish and look great. People love to show off their style, and these headphones definitely make a statement. Second, they are very comfortable to wear. They fit snugly and don’t slip, even when you’re sweating. Third, they sound great – The audio quality is fantastic, and you can really feel the bass when you’re wearing them. Finally, they’re affordable.

You can find them for a great price online or in stores. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of headphones or just want to upgrade your current ones, Patrick Bateman headphones are a great option.

Here are some quick interesting features which tells why these headphones were popular in 20’s and why Christian bale used it in the American Psycho movie.

  1. They have a unique and stylish design.
  2. They are very comfortable to wear.
  3. They provide excellent sound quality.
  4. They are very durable.
  5. They are very easy to use.
  6. They are very affordable.
  7. They have a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from.

What headphones does Patrick Bateman wear in American Psycho

Patrick Bateman, the titular character in Bret Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho, is known for his impeccable taste in fashion. This extends to his choice of headphones, which are said to be Sony WM-D3.

Actually Sony WM-D3 was a player to play music cassette/tape and the headphone came as a bundled product to listen music privately. These particular headphones are no longer in production, but they were popular at the time the movie was released.

Bateman is described as being particularly meticulous about his appearance, and he takes great care to select the perfect accessories to complete his look. The Sony WM-D3 are just one example of this attention to detail; they help him create the perfect ’80s preppy look.

While the exact model of headphones that Bateman wears is no longer available, there are many similar options on the market today. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that will help you channel your inner Patrick Bateman.

Well guys, it’s not just about looks – these headphones also deliver great sound quality, making them perfect for listening to music or watching movies on your laptop or tablet. And they’re even comfortable to wear for long periods of time, thanks to their soft, padded ear cups.

So if you’re looking for a stylish and functional pair of headphones that will help you stand out from the crowd, then these Patrick Bateman headphones are definitely for you and you should buy it!