We have enlisted the 5 best world’s most expensive headphones that you can use while reading, running, gaming, and watching movies.

A reliable pair of headphones will cost a lot of money. When you add in the requirement that the headphones be wireless, the price jumps even higher. The five most expensive wireless headphones, on the other hand, come in a wide range of prices, depending on your needs.

most expensive headphones

World’s Most Expensive Headphones for Gaming, Reading, Running

In the current times, living without headphones is challenging. With many activities that keep happening in our day to day lives, we do require a good-quality headphone.

Although most wireless headphones are in-ear, over-ear headphones are often costly. These headphones are also more likely to have higher quality audio clarity than in-ear headphones. However, this law isn’t set in stone. The cost rises due to a variety of reasons.

Here is a list of top 5 most expensive pair of headphones that you can purchase as per your requirement from the online stores!

#1. Focal Utopia by Tournaire

The Focal Utopia by Tournaire is the most expensive headphones on the globe today. The design, created by boss jewelers Tournaire, high points 18-carat gold ascended with a 6.5-carat threesome of diamonds on the headband, all handcrafted entirely in Tournaire’s workshops.

#2. Sennheiser HD 800 S

In the world of headphones, the original HD 800 stood atop the throne. They were admired for their neutrality and openness at the reference level. The HD 800 S is an updated version of the over-ear and open-back Teutonic models, featuring modern driver technology, improved construction efficiency, and a much smoother presentation that is world-class on several levels.

The HD 800 S needs a similar headphone to verify their asking price, but these are electro paradise if you get the combination right.

 #3. Grado Labs RS1e

Grado persevered through the dull days of digital. The unexpected rush in vinyl playback and personal audio has allowed them to invest heavily in new operator technology to compete with new kinds. The RS1e is one of the most expensive ones designed for rockers and detail freaks. The impressive timber earphone cups give the tonal presentation some much-needed warmth.

#4. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 Wireless 24ct Gold Plated Headphones

The Beats 24ct Gold Plated wireless Headphones are where the list begins to turn into the pricey region. These headphones are the world’s most expensive headphones and are very limited that each one is numbered individually. This distinguishes each pair. Just 100 pairs are available.

#5. Onkyo H900M with 20-carat diamonds

Before going to the bright lights of Vegas, Onkyo took its H900M cans and attached 20-carat diamonds to the ear cups. These diamonds were also cut into aluminum plates that were encircled by a ring of highly polished stainless steel from Onkyo.

It’s the one with the extra ruby bell. It would have been a little excessive to spell out L and R in blood-red gemstones.


You’ll have to spend more money if you want headphones that can endure your violence. Build quality encompasses a wide range of factors, and many people overlook the fact that a good build can provide you with more than just longevity.

Comfortable fabrics, less distress, and design traits that make the headphones easier to use are all signs of good build quality. Replaceable components, such as interchangeable cables, bands, and ear pads, are common on more expensive headphones.

If you find yourself tossing your headphones when the pads get ripped and gross after a year or two of heavy use, replacing the pads is a lot less expensive than buying a new pair of headphones in the same time frame.