Mh755 earphones are the best earphones under $10 by Sony that offers great sound. Its 3.5mm jack works with almost all devices and you get 100% original HD sound quality.

The design of Sony Mh755 is quite decent and sturdy. If you are gamer and looking for budget IEM, then this could be your first choice. Let see where you can get a pair of Mh755 original earphones?

Sony Mh755 Earphones

Sony Mh755 Original Earphones – In and Odds?

The Sony MH755 is probably the most “popular earphone” under $10 that I’ve seen. But you’ll get an original one is very tough. In market a lot of similar earphones are available which looks same in look and design but they all are fake!

If you have been looking for Sony MH755 original earphones for gaming purpose then you can get 100% original version on eBay website. The prices can be up or down but you’ll get it there and save more on special days!

The Good

Taking into account all the things I’ve tried and owned over more than 2 years, the MH755 earphones by Sony is very good. The resolution is solidly in the upper echelon of things, the notes are clean, the attack is nice and sharp, the decay is naturally “DD” and the bass is focused towards the lower sub-frequencies which strays clear from midbass bloom and bleed.

I know I should write more than this but that’s really all there is to it. For quick feedback, the MH755 is a U-shaped, dynamic driver IEM that performs at a high level and doesn’t do anything particularly wrong.

  1. Great Sound Quality and Bass Response
  2. Standard 3.5mm jack, easy plugin for most of devices.
  3. Light in weight and comfortable
  4. The sound quality spike HPM-78.
  5. HPM-78 long side 80CM, 40CM around the short side.

If you have a limited budget and want to experience something better then this earphones won’t let you down. You can blindly go for this product and listen audio, music without any issue.

The Bad

Every product has some limitations. So let’s see what is bad in Sony’s Mh755?

The overall signature is pretty close to the Harman target, though I’d personally describe as somewhat V-shaped. The upper mid range can get intense and forward for my ears, taking focus away from bowed strings and male vocals and shifting it towards plucked instruments and female vocals.

This emphasis in upper mids and suppression in lower mids results in a shouty and rather lean signature, which can be a deadly combination for many ears. Imaging is little closed in though still what I’d consider within the realm of “average”; completely expected for an IEM.

The MH755 also seems to struggle a little with extension in the highest registers, which can kill a bit of air in your listening experience!

Final Words

Finally i would say that, you can ignore the cons of this earphone and can surely buy it. My reviews are personal and it is all based on the performance that served under $10.

Let us know what do you think of MH755 IEM? You can comment below and share it with others…!