JBL Bluetooth headphones are considered one of the best and well know wireless headphones. JBL wireless headphones in-ear or over-ear deliver crisp sound and works well on highs and lows. You can enjoy every beat of music.

Headphones and speakers are essentials for most people these days. They act as a potential accessory for people to go through their day and is especially important to the current generation.

JBL headphones are some of the most sought after devices that act as a singular support to the sound system that people want in their personal lives. They have multiple products that range from headphones to party speakers and this versatility is a huge help!

JBL Harman Bluetooth headphones are attractive and interesting to use, because of the ease and style. It is easy to handle and maintain, while at the same time, quite stylish to carry. It is a top rated headphone brand in world.

Here is a list of some of the best JBL Bluetooth headphones with mic that are available in the market and you can easily get one online or offline!

JBL Bluetooth headphones

JBL Bluetooth Headphones with Good Bass – True Wireless BT Variants

#1. Reflect Contour

The JBL Reflect is a wireless sports headphone. It even has the dual lock technology, which means that along with in ear fit, it also has an ear hook. It is completed with some premium stuff, including a design which is resilient to sweat.

It is also complete with a 3 button remote. You should definitely choose this, if you want motivation for your workout sessions.

#2. JBL T450BT

This is an on ear wireless headphone. It folds flat, is light and quite compact. It has a hood and the music that is produced is often pure hard core bass. All the controls for the music is placed in the ear cup and the battery life is strong with an easy access of 11 hours.

#3. Under Armour Sports Wireless Train

This is a headphone truly built for the gym. It is technologically savvy and extremely stylish. It has a fast drying fabric, and the outer ear cushions are removable.

The material is also hand washable, which speaks a lot for the ones who give hygiene a priority. This can last for a long duration of time and even a five-minute charge makes it run for an hour of your workout session.

 It used the technology of bionic hearing and has the ability to let you talk while you listen to your music. Thus, if you are in a sport with a coach like yoga, you can easily use it while practicing it. Moreover, it also has the ability to not be affected by sweat. It is good for rough use and reeks of sports and gyms.

#4. JBL LIVE 300

This is a smaller alternative, but has the same powerful sound system like the other earphones. It is wireless and convenient to carry for personal use.

It also has the capacity to let you chat and talk to your friends without having to worry about removing the headphones. It meshes out all and any background noise.

They have a charging case and you could put them in there to charge extra. In just ten minutes of charging, you could get 2 hours of music and a full charge can allow you to use it for almost 14 hours.

#5. JBL Tune 500

This is one of the best budgeted buys In JBL due to its incredible pure bass sound. It is a one button remote to shift to microphone. It also is a brilliant device because it is foldable and quite light. It is perfect for you if you are okay with a wired device, because this is one of the best you can find in that series.

I hope you liked these wireless JBL Bluetooth headphones. If we missed anything to add the let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget share the post on social sites!