The Human Headphones is a unique pair of headphones that are too common among music lovers. These headphones can deservedly be called “over-the-ear” as they perfectly fit over the ear of the user.

They are held in place by an attachment that clasps around the outer ear. Here is Human headphones review which will give you an idea – should you buy this brand or not?

Let’s dive in and get a rough idea about Human Inc Headphones by analyzing its sound quality and customer reviews.

Human Headphones

Human Headphones – Sound Quality, Functions, Customer Reviews and Best Buy Options

Sound quality

In terms of the sound quality, the Human headphones sound excellent. Despite not having noise cancellation technology, it is seemingly well performed in outdoor regions. The Blend mode of the device makes the audio richer and more immersive. You will realize that it is amplifying the noise around you, which gives you an experience like never before.

The issue of Human Headphones is that if you are in a noisy environment, then these headphones are not ideal. The noise isolation is low, and increasing the volume only means that it is more likely for the people around you to hear it as well. Also, if you are really into bass, then this brand headphones are not for you.

The Human headphones also are not usually compatible with people with flatter ears as with these, the sound will not be great to hear. And the speaker mode is not that impressive. The sound you get is with reduced bass, medium, and like the treble in your car.


In terms of wearing these headphones, it is challenging to get it to fit right at first. You have to open the clasp and then rotate the headphone until the clasp touches the root of your ear. Human headphones make use of capacitive touch technology, which makes it able to use music control with one finger.

This includes the pause and plays, as well as the answering calls with touch features. You also have a translation feature that supports 11 languages.

According to the company, you can have a full-on live conversation with someone in a different language using the Human Headphones.

One of the main functions of the Human Headphones is that as soon as you take the them off, the music will automatically stop (Awesome!).

It also have a feature known as the Engage, which amplifies not only the sound around you but also the music, which makes you aware of your surroundings yet have immersive music experience.

The Human Headphones cost about $399, and if you are looking for something different, then you should go for this brand.

Customer Reviews

Gear Patrol

The worst thing I can say about the Human headphones is that they look strange, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

A few years ago, when AirPods were just coming out, people thought they looked weird, too, and now they’re everywhere.

The bottom line is that the Human Headphones better most every true wireless earbuds on the market and they fit pretty great (for most people), too.

If you can get around the fact that these headphones look a little bit different, then you might be able to justify the $259 price tag that they are going for.

Roy Kim, Medium

If you’ve wanted to try a new headphone and hate the thought of going back to the same brands, you definitely should give these headphones a try.

I’m not sure if the $399 cost is justified since I personally look for noise-cancelling and comfort when it comes to investment in headphones.

However, I can see the perks of having a device that is so easily controlled with the tip of your finger.”

Michael Strange, The Gadgeteer – “Human Headphones are as crazy as they are cool. If you prefer the quality of over-the-ear headphones, these might be worth checking out.”

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