Have you ever wondered, what are the top 10 headphone brands in the world? Headphones are a craze among the youngsters these days. By using the headphones, you can groove onto the favorite beats of your music, talk to your friend clearly or watch videos.

The best attribute of this device is that you do not get disturbed while being in a room full of people. But choosing the best headphones can be a daunting task.

This is because there are various headphone brands out there in the market. So let us have a glance at the most trusted headphones brands in the world.

Most trusted headphones brands

10 Headphone Brands in the World that You Can Trust Blindly!

#1. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is a German company that was fabricated in 1945. Its headquarters are in Wedemark. The company proffers a wide variety of audio products to the guests.

Not only this, but the company fabricates affordable products that offer great value for money. On the other hand, wireless headphones or the most expensive headphones brands in the world are also created here.The Sennheiser Orpheus is available at $55.

There are umpteen headphones of Sennheiser out there in the market which cater to the different tastes of the people and are available at different budgets. However, as compared with other brands, this brand proffers products at slightly higher rates.

#2. JBL

JBL was initially an American company and was fabricated in 1946. However, it is Korean today. This is because it was transferred to Harman International Industries, which was bought by Samsung.

The company proffers some wireless Bluetooth headphones at competitive prices. Moreover, they dominate the Bluetooth Speaker market and is the most powerful brand in this sector.

The specialty of this company is that it proffers various audio products at different prices. The very low budgeted products range from dollar 10 to dollar 20. There are expensive audio products as well, which come at a rate of hundreds of dollars.

#3. Bose

This is one of the best American audio company and one of the best headphone brands. With its headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, it was fabricated in 1964.Headphones formulated by Bose Corporation, help to remove the background noise.

Their active noise cancelling technology is one of the best in the world. This is exhibited from its popular Quiet Comfort headphones. However, there are lesser models proffered by this company.

The price of the models fabricated by Bose Corporation is relatively higher due to the ANC and Bluetooth facility. So, if you want to procure Bose headphones, you should likely be willing to pay a higher price.

#4. Sony

Sony Corporation is one of the largest companies in terms of revenue generated by it. Headquartered in Kunan, Minato and Tokyo, it is one of the best Japanese known companies. The company was fabricated in 1946 and now proffers different products

 Be it video games, consumer electronics, financial services or movies; Sony proffers umpteen services to its users.  The company is applauded by the people, due to its immense popularity and fabulous quality headphones.

Sony initiated the Sony Walkman and Portable Cassette players to the masses.Not only this, but the company proffers products which are affordable or expensive as well. The Sony headphones offer excellent user experience and excellent sound quality to the customers.

#5. Skullcandy

Skullcandy was fabricated in 2003 in Utah, United States. Though they are one of the youngest players in the headphones’ industry.

However, they build some of the most exceptional headphones. The headphones manufactured by them are known for their bass and great volume features. Moreover, they produce cheap and affordable headphones which make them popular among the young generations.

You can purchase your headphones of this brand only at a price of dollar 20 or under it. Most of their products are priced under dollar 100. This is the reason which owes to their immense success in such a short span.

These are the top 5 most trusted brand that produces best quality of headphones in every segment worldwide.

Let’s see the other 5 brands of headphones that you can look while choosing a headphone for your office or home entertainment.

#6. Audio-technica

AudioTechnica Corporation is housed in Japan and proffers leading headphone products. The size of the audio technica headphones speakers is 8.5 millimeter. This makes sure that you receive quality audio of the music.

With high quality resolution, the technical earphones proffer you sound, which is powerful, clear and incorporated with depth and detail.

These headphones are available at a price of $140.00 from Amazon. Fabricated in 1962, Audio technica designs, manufactures and markets amazing audio components and products.

#7. Beyerdynamic

Being one of the oldest headphone manufacturers in the world, Beyerdynamic proffers a wide range of products like audio technica.

However, their most popular types of equipment are designed for studio purposes. Not only they keep an eye to maintain the sound quality, but also fabricate headphones that are built to last for a longer time.

Thus, this durable headphone models have less bass than other open-back headphones. But still, their sound quality is very bright and lovely. One of the best Beyerdynamic headphones is the bare dynamic DT990 pro. These over ear headphones are integrated with padded over ear caps and neutral sound profile.

The headphones of this brand are cheaper and their sound stage isn’t quite expensive. But if you do not want the wired headphones, you can try the BeyerdynamicAmiron wireless headphones. This pair of headphones is available at a high price.

#8. Beats.

Beats was acquired by Apple inclin 2014. Since then, this company has fabricated several Bell round and durable headphones that provide better sound quality than before.Besides being comfortable and proffering good sound quality, the wireless models of beats can now be connected with the Apple devices.

One of the best beats headphones models is the beats power beats pro truly wireless.The exceptional attribute of these headphones is that they are lightweight and have ear hook design. Such design proffers a stable fit for the customers.Very well reproduced bass makes it suitable for all music genres.

#9. Panasonic

Panasonic is one of the top 10 headphone brands in the world. Its audio products are quite durable.The wireless headphones of Panasonic have background noise removing system.

The different colour combinations and the retro shapes make these headphones perfect for you to show off. Moreover, the background noise removing system makes it possible for you to acquire an ideal sound quality without getting disturbed.

The RPH TX-90 headphones of Panasonic are one of the best. They proffer you endless time duration and a high-quality sound.

#10. AKG

The credibility of AKG is verified from the fact that many musicians, studio engineers and music houses procure their headphones.

This is because the brand fabricates headphones that proffer precise and accurate sound quality. The attention of this brand is to proffer clear, lucid and exact sound quality which can help the musicians to formulate and listen to their music.

The price of the headphones is below dollar 50 as well. Various headphones are available within the price range of 100 to $200.


Thus, you can purchase the top rated headphones of any of the above brands according to your preferences, needs and budgets.

If you have been looking for best wireless headphones brands then i would recommend you go for the Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser. These are best in producing wireless headphones!

Headphones are available at a lower price as well as high price. You can purchase them according to their bass and volume quality and existing budget!

How many headphone brands did you try so far?

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