Earbuds with mic are good headphones alternative because they are light, fits well in the ear. They can be used for watching movies and playing games for a long time with comfort without any issue.

As compared to heavy ear cup headphones, the earbuds are light in weight, private, and convenient, with sound quality and capability nearly, if not exactly, that of a regular headphone. You can also use it for your daily commute and much more when stowing it safely in your pockets. Having high-quality earbuds is indeed the need of the current times, as earbuds are there with us throughout any activity we perform. They specially go well when we use them while playing games or watching movies. We did a short research and listed out the 5 best earbuds with mic that you can use while playing online games, for watching movies on mobile or during listening music.

Best earbuds with mic for gaming and movies

5 Best earbuds with mic for gaming and movies

#1. Turtle Beach Battle Buds

We found the Turtle Beach Battle Buds to be the best gaming earbuds with mic. The boom microphone on these wired in-ears gives them a distinct appearance, which you can also drop for a more casual look. Even if you’re gaming in a noisy environment, their microphone has a good recording sound, so your voice is clear to your teammates.

They have deep burst and roll-in action-packed scenes, thanks to their bass-heavy sound profile. They don’t produce plenty of noise, so you can turn up the volume without upsetting anyone else.

#2. Mind Beast Earbuds

Despite their low price, the Mind beast Earbuds have many features, including good audio quality and noise isolation. They’re also surprisingly comfortable, appreciation to silicone ear tips and an 18-gram weight profile. These are our top picks for budget-friendly mobile gaming and casual play.

#3. HP Gaming Earbuds

HP is better known for its computers and laptops than for its gaming accessories, so their inclusion on this list may come as a surprise. This earbuds with mic has excellent sound quality; thanks to top-of-the-line 10mm drivers and copper wires that produce rich tones. They’re also extremely adaptable, as they can interact with almost any gaming platform.

#4. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

For a long time, Sony has been the go-to brand for audiophiles. The L-shaped jack isn’t too large, so it fits into almost any phone case. It’s ideal for gamers and music fans, but the lack of volume controls is noticeable. The inline microphone is crystal clear and not at all shaky. The audio quality is clear, and the noise isolation is adequate.

#5. AirPods Pro by Apple

The AirPods Pro is a fabulous duo of wireless earbuds with microphones designed not only for gaming but also for a highly personalized listening experience. It also includes a revolutionary transparency mode that allows the outside world’s sound to pass through the AirPods.

It helps you listen to the outside world while playing your game at the same time. It has a body that is water and sweat immune. The Adaptive Equalizer automatically tunes music and sound to your ear’s shape, and it turns on and off when you put it in or take it out of the case. You can use double-tapping to skip tracks, pause music, or toggle simple functions like answering or rejecting phone calls.


A conventional headset is far too bulky to carry around with you everywhere if you enjoy gaming on your tablet. Fortunately, as mobile gaming’s popularity has grown, more earbuds and in-ears are being built with this in mind.

In general, a headset should have a great microphone, a relaxed fit, and a well-adjusted sound profile so that all of your game’s explosions and dialogue sound as they should.