Dolby Atmos has completely changed the game in the audio experience. Moving the sound based on the object makes the audio experience completely different. Here are the best Dolby Atmos headphones that you can prefer while playing games and watching movies.

Dolby Atmos Headphones

Which ones are the best Dolby Atmos Headphones?

Dolby Dimension Headphones

Being one of the best of the lot, Dolby’s own Dolby Atmos headphones are designed to give a very great Atmos experience if you listen on it from an Atmos-enabled device.

The Bluetooth connectivity might limit its audio capabilities, but this is a common thing in all Bluetooth headphones. They have 40mm drivers with a 20 Hz to 20kHz frequency range.

This will enable a decent bass, but it is nothing too spectacular here. These headphones have a cool-looking charging stand, and a 15-minute charge will give you enough juice to last a movie. These headphones are also touch control enabled. Overall, it is a great sounding headphone with a very high price tag, but it is justified in its quality.

Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2

The Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 is a great gaming headset, which is Dolby Atmos-enabled. It is also suitable for movie watching but is mainly focused on gaming.

 It has an external control unit for the levels and has the ability to switch between stereo and 7.1 sound. Razer is a well-known company that has years of experience with headsets, so the headset has a good build quality with leatherette ear cushions and has a nice balance to it.

There is absolutely no discomfort wearing these earphones. There is also chroma backlighting for the headsets, which makes it good looking. If you are looking for gaming headphones with lights, then this is the one for you.

RIG 800LX Wireless

This product from Plantronics is one of those high-end headphones that are pre-designed for the use with Dolby Atmos. Being a company since the 1960s, you can trust the brand.

The audio quality is excellent, and the fit of the headphones is a significant improvement compared to the previous models.

The RIG 800LX Wireless is pretty light and fluffy, thereby making it perfect for long term use. The frequency response of the headphones is decent, with a 20hz to 20khz range. The microphone has a 100Hz to 10kHz range.

 JVC XP-EXT1 with Atmos and EXOFIELD

This is the real deal with Dolby Atmos audio and DTS:X audio processing, making it a very excellent device. The JVC XP-EXT1 with Atmos and EXOFIELD offers a 7.1.4 multi-channel sound system that has the support for both 5.1 audio and stereo, which makes it much immersive.

The sound processor has an input for 3 HDMIs and is useful for TV and your HiFi music system. The headphones have a good build with a comfortable fit. The 40mm driver makes it have a broad and wide soundstage.

Sony MDR-HW700DS Surround Sound Headphones

The Sony MDR-HW700DS Surround Sound Headphones come with a very good decoder that has the capacity to handle Dolby Atmos and 9.1 surround sound.

It also can produce the 5.1 and 2 channel stereo sounds. This wireless headphone also has a very good 50mm neodymium driver, which has a frequency response from 5Hz to 25kHz.

The decoder is able to handle many formats of audio like DTS, Dolby, MPEG etc.

It also allows 4K pass-through.

These are the best Dolby Atmos headphones in the market today. You should opt for the best one that suits your budget, requirement, and equipment you possess. Dolby Atmos is a fantastic experience, and definitely investing in a good pair of headphones will enable you to have an immersive audio experience that will be pleasing.