Apple has removed the headphone jack from their new smartphones so what are the new best iPhone headphones available in market which works without 3.5mm audio jack and gives you amazing sound experience.

New iPhones are integrated with a set of Apple’s lightweight air pods. But now they have a lightning connector for plugging into the iPhone. The old 3.5MM audio connector has been discarded.

Now let us have a glance on the best iPhone headphones and find the best one of your choice from the given list. All these headphones are compatible with latest iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

Best iPhone Headphones

Best iPhone Headphones with Mic

#1. RHA MA650i with Lightning

RHA proffers headphones with excellent sound quality at affordable prices. The price of these wireless iPhone headphones and lightning iPhone headphones is dollar 59.95. At the same price, you could afford cheaper headphones.

However, this is one of the most affordable headphones, along with a lightning port. Due to such attributes, the MA series is award-winning.

The whisk of the domed aluminum and metal touches on the connector as well as inline control panel makes these headphones look premium and classy. Until the split-off, the cable has been braided.

In-line control helps you interact with Siri using the microphone. The specialty of the headphones owes to its spectacular attributes.

Besides being lightweight and proffering a comfortable fit in your ears due to the comply foam ear tips, you can also remove the background noise from the eight different varieties to choose from. Moreover, these headphones come with a 3-year warranty.

#2. Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

Though the P9 signature doesn’t have a lightning connector with it, however, you could integrate it at augmented prices.

These headphones are available at Euro 699. Additional 1000 euros required for the latest iPhones. You could procure the Bowers and Wilkins optional lightning cable at an augmented price of dollar 50.

You do not have to stress about carrying any extra adapters with the Lightning Cable. This is because this portable cable simply replaces the standard 3.5MM cable.

Not only the cable is integrated with the inline controls which help you to play your music but to get Hifi sound quality, boxer and Wilkins’ high quality digital/audio converter is also integrated with this cable.

Your every penny spent on these headphones are worth it. This is because of the many attributes proffered to you with these headphones.

The soft leather air pieces are angled inwards to create a rich sound effect. There are custom-designed metallic hinges on the headband that award the vibrations, which can affect your sound quality.

Though these headphones are devoid of any noise removing technology, the design of the over Ear fits perfectly onto your ears, thus preventing any background noises from reaching your ears. A rich, warm tone with a fulsome bass is furnished to your ears.

#3. Moshi Avanti LT

The fundamental problems which all the iPhone users face is that most of the lightning headphones Work only with Apple devices. Sometimes they are not even compatible with the newer Apple products such as the iPad Pro range.

To combat this problem, Moshi has launched its Avanti on-ear headphones. Headphones are integrated with a detachable lightning cable for the Apple devices as well as with a 3-point 5MM cable that provides compatibility with a vast range of smartphones.

Not only this, but a second model called the one Moshi-C has also been fabricated by Moshi.This model has a USB C cable that helps to make it compatible with an augmented range of smartphones.

The products of Moshi are reasonably priced, and the headphones come at a price of around $240. If you have been looking for noise canceling headphone then you can consider it.

As these headphones come in a variety of designs and colours, they are quite enticing. The air pieces can fold inwards so that you can correctly and quickly carry them in their cases.

The on-ear design facilitates avoiding the background noises from reaching to your years. A firm and a perfect base are proffered to the music because the frequency range of these headphones is 15 Hz to 22 kHz.

The iPhone models come with a pair of airpods with the Lightning Connector. However, some people want to use the aux cord instead of the lightning cable with a couple of headphones.

They can purchase a separate adapter or dongle to use with the phone. However, the previous iPhone models integrated a dongle in the box. But now people can buy a different lightning Jack adapter at a price less than dollar 15.


Can you use headphones on iPhone?

Yes, all the above headphones are compatible with all iphone models including the latest launched iphone 11, iphone 12, and iphone XR.

What kind of headphones come with the iPhone?

Apple provides wired earbuds only. These earbuds are quite good and offers a rich and premium sound quality.

What is the price of iPhone headphones?

Official iphone headphones also known as iphone airpods – these airpods would cost you around $199 while upper variant the airpods pro will cost around $249 only.

I hope you liked the list of best iPhone headphones. Please share it with other and let others know about these compatible headphones with iPhone.